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Monetizing the Deriv API

There are several ways to monetize the Deriv API:

  1. Charging for access to your trading application: If your Deriv API-based custom trading application offers value to users, you can charge them a subscription or a one-time fee for accessing it, making it a feasible revenue stream for your business.

  2. Charging for premium features: If your trading application has advanced features, such as real-time market data, advanced charting tools, and other premium features that offer added value to users, you can generate additional revenue by charging users for access to those features.

  3. Affiliate marketing: You can join Deriv's affiliate programme and earn commissions for referring new users to the Deriv platform. This can be a good option if you have an audience that is interested in trading or investing.

  4. Referral fees: If you have built a trading application that integrates with the Deriv platform, you can offer referral fees to existing users who refer new users to your application. This incentive can encourage them to spread the word about your application, helping you to grow your user base.

  5. Advertising: If you have built a trading application that has a large user base, you could consider selling advertising space to relevant advertisers. This can be a good way to generate additional revenue.

  6. Markup: Use the Deriv API to create your own websites and apps, and earn commissions on the trades and payments your clients make, monetizing your creations through markup.


Boost your revenue by applying markups on every contract purchased through the trading app you've developed using the Deriv API. You can set the markup yourself, up to a maximum of 3%.

Supported trade types include: Options, Multipliers, and Accumulators.

Here's an example of how the markup is calculated:

To get a payout of 2.00 USD:

  • Client stake without markup = 1.07 USD

With the markup (e.g. 2%), a client pays:

  • Client's stake with the markup = Stake + (payout x markup)
  • Client's stake with the markup = 1.07 USD + (2 USD x 2%) = 1.11 USD

Earning commission

Earn commissions on trades and payments made by your clients through the websites and apps you create with the Deriv API. Get more details about the commission plans here.